Commercial Cleaning Services

KB Federal Maintenance, Inc. specializes in commercial cleaning including maintenance of various surfaces. We have all the proper needs for each specific task as well as any special regulations. From hard floors to carpet cleaning, and pressure washing to stripping and waxing, we will get the job done spotlessly. Our job is to keep the flow of structure running clean and smooth as possible. Any company cleaning a commercial building must understand the type of cleaning duties required. Our crew is experienced to make your establishment looking great as possible. We provide professionally trained staff to deliver the best quality service for a hygienic and pristine facility! Service provided below.

- Customized Janitorial Services

- Medical Facilities Grade Cleaning

- Hard Floor Stripping/Waxing

- Vacuuming, Dusting, Mopping, Trash Care

- Carpet Cleaning and Extraction

- Restroom Sanitation

- Pressure Washing

- Window Cleaning

- Day Porter Services

Window Cleaning Service

When it comes to windows, it sure tells you the quality standards of the buildings, making their clarity deliver a long lasting impression on the general public. Through periodic window cleaning, appearance will improve, while the longevity of the windows is preserved.

Windows are constantly exposed to harsh conditions including rain, temperature changes and grime. Due to the porous nature of glass, an accumulation of unwanted minerals will develop. With time, this will only cause permanent damage, and will lead to avoidable window replacement. Using advanced tools, KB Federal Maintenance employs top quality techniques that maintain spotless windows safely and efficiently as well with our damage control. Taking it to the better view.

Here are some of our window cleaning services.

Note that our clients reserves the right to propose alternate daily scheduling so as to least interfere with the normal operation of the facility.

-Exterior window cleaning for commercial properties

– Interior window, intricate surface, or light fixture cleaning inside a building. Removing and cleaning screens and blinds. We also include miscellaneous cleaning such as cleaning frames, sills, and sashes (inside and out)

Health Care Facilities & Medical Offices Cleaning

Clinical facilities like surgical and medical centers require specialized sanitation to ensure the safety of our patients, staffs, and visitors. An unclean environment can breed disease, cause infection and lead to serious illness for anyone who comes in contact with its surfaces. KB Federal Maintenance, Inc. has experience in this field and is fully capable and adaptable to cleaning and sanitizing any size clinic. We ensure that the high level of aseptic cleaning required

in operating rooms and exam rooms is also in all support rooms including waiting rooms, front desk, corridors, nursing stations, and all utility closets. Today’s clinical environments demand strict adherence to healthcare mandates, regulations and standards all set in place to ensure facilities are safe, and patients are afforded infection-free care. And with growing concerns for infections acquired during procedures, it has never been more important to engage in a program that reduces infection risks, lowers the high costs on non-compliance and ensures a safe environment for patients. KB Federal Maintenance, Inc. is a top quality trusted janitorial and building maintenance company for all medical centers including hospitals and surgical centers.

Our Green Cleaning Services

At KB Federal Maintenance, our goal is to constantly remain updated with the cleaning industry to make the indoor environment cleaner, healthier, and with proper cleaning systems in place, decrease chances of infectious outbreaks. KB Federal Maintenance offers new practice of professional services, implementing eco-friendly cleaning in every establishment that we service. We provide environmental friendly products designed to preserve human and environmental health. A clean building from KB Federal Maintenance is only the beginning. Our team understands that each client is unique with specific needs and cleaning requirements. We acknowledge that many traditional ways of cleaning can cause severe dermatological and respiratory problems for both our clients and staff members, which lead us to set KB Federal Maintenance Advanced Green Cleaning Program. To be a prestigious janitorial company, we ensure your compliant environmental standard regulations are met, we follow (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration developed by the U.S. Department of Labor. This certifies that we take complete quality control to keep all facilities free of serious recognized hazards such as toxic agents and bloodborne pathogens. Therefore, Our workers are fully trained and obligated to such awareness and concerns to our welfare. When you use environmental friendly green services like ours, you not only preserve your health and environment, but you are also helping to set a new standard in the industry.

Why use KB Federal Maintenance Green Cleaning Service?
  • Improves the indoor air and water quality of your establishment
  • Eliminates the amount of harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Provides a safe and healthy environment for residents, employees and visitors alike.
  • Reduces energy and operational costs
  • Fully compliant to new environmental standards and regulations

Our company specializes on utilizing Federal Government Properties. For over half a decade now, we have established clean maintaining services for Military Bases, Medical Centers and National Cemeteries. During our observation, we fully recognize the capability of every facility needs to manage a healthier and convenient system through our reputation. Below are services KB Federal Maintenance, Inc. provides to meet your requiring standards and needs. 

Grounds Maintenance

KB Federal Maintenance, Inc. is ready to respond for all landscape maintenance needs with variety services for all necessary properties. We work hard on specific details provided throughout each and every work given. Whether its daily or periodically, we can tailor any of our services to your needs.

When it comes to relying on the looks of your facility, we give the encouragement on maintaining the first sights of the facility. We believe a great maintained ground such as lawns and ferns play a big part in showing the quality of the individual property. Here are some of our services required to keep your property looking great throughout the whole year.

Why use KB Federal Maintenance Green Cleaning Service?
  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Mulching
  • Pruning
  • Weed Control
  • Fertilization applications
  • Pesticide applications
  • Plantings
  • Irrigation maintenance
  • Annual flower rotations

By assisting clients with the design and implementation of programs to improve the durability and playability of their natural grass surface, we ensure that every team meets on a level playing field. Our field renovation and repair services—including linear deep tine aeration, sodding, sprigging, seeding, and irrigation and drainage solutions—even out the effects of age, damage due to heavy use, and weather. To promote the grounds’ continued health, we also provide ongoing maintenance such as mowing, fertilization, weed, insect and disease control, verticutting, and aeration.

Our Laundry Cleaning Services

Traditionally, many medical facilities and hospitals have used on-premise laundry systems believing it’s much more convenient to manage laundry in-house and is priced solely on the upfront investment in machinery, costs of labor and chemicals. We specialize variety of laundry services for medical centers linen products, microfibers and cleaning textiles and hotels such as cleaning commercial uniforms. We also do pickup and delivery services as requested.